Textile materials

Innovative textile materials

Safe and fireproof fabric

All textile materials used in +me (i.e. the inner padding, the inner Tulle fabric, the external envelope) are safe and fireproof. More specifically, the external cover is realised using an hypoallergenic, biodegradable, white cotton treated with COEX® technology: this patented technique makes natural fibres inherently fireproof and free of additives. The fabric is in fact obtained by modifying the molecular structure of the cellulose fibre, so that the product does not burn, creating a protective barrier against fire. COEX® cotton maintains its properties throughout its life span. More info on the website www.coex.pro/intl/en.

We thank COEX S.r.l. for kindly donating the cotton fabric for +me project.

Conductive fabric

Touch-sensitive areas on +me are realised with the Knitted superlight conductive fabric. This is an extremely light and transparent, conductive, copper textile which can be cut with scissors and  sewn with a standard sewing machine. More info on the website www.inntex.com

Knitted superlight conductive fabric technical description